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Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean Sea, which is south of Florida and the U.S. Gulf States.  One of the Windward islands, we are situated between Martinique and St. Vincent, and to the north-west of Barbados.  One of the wonderful things about Saint Lucia is the wide choice of transportation available to the Island.  


There are more than a dozen airlines servicing Saint Lucia’s two airports - Hewanorra International Airport and George Charles Airport - from a host of international and local destinations.  For those visitors arriving by sea, cruise lines and local ferries dock daily at Port Castries and Soufriere. Whether you choose to fly direct, stop off on a cruise or just pop over from one of the neighbouring islands you will find a warm Caribbean welcome awaits you.  


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Below is a snapshot on investing in St. Lucia.  Please enter the portal above for additional information from Invest Saint Lucia, the official Investment Promotion Agency of the Government of Saint Lucia.  A doing business guide is also available here.


Geographic Location 

Located in the Eastern Caribbean, Saint Lucia not only enjoys relative proximity to both the regional and nearshore markets of North America, South America, and CARICOM member states but is also only a short 8-hour flight to Europe.



Saint Lucia has been consistent as one of the freest economies in the Caribbean, ranking second place with an index of 70% in the 2016 Economic Freedom Index.  Politically speaking, the island is considered “free” according to the 2015 Freedom House report, which also highlighted constitutional guarantees regarding freedom of speech, assembly, and association.



Saint Lucia has an efficient telecommunications system, reliable electricity, and a stable water supply that is also affordable.  Moreover, with modern air and seaport facilities, Saint Lucia’s interconnected structural elements provide a supportive framework for many investment opportunities.



Saint Lucia possesses a vibrant, dynamic, English-speaking labour force that can be easily trained to meet the employment needs of businesses.  This is supported by an additional 300, 000 labour pool as nationals from parties to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Economic Union arrangements can move freely within the OECS region.


Regulatory Environment

Saint Lucia has comparative advantages in the areas of regulation, starting a business, market access, incentives, transport infrastructure and quality of life.



Saint Lucia has an abundance of bio-diversity related resources that are used in a variety of ways including in traditional and herbal medicines.  The Government of Saint Lucia has recognized the contribution of its indigenous plant and animal species to human, social and economic development and therefore encourages investment in that area including in the development of homeopathic applications and nutraceutical products.


Location of the Future (SITE SELECTION MAGAZINE JULY 2015)

US-based Site Selection Magazine in July 2015 identified Saint Lucia as one of the countries outside the United States, where companies will locate within the next five to ten years from now. The Magazine cited a population with a burgeoning middle class; political and economic stability; an industrious, well-educated workforce; and quality foundational infrastructure as some of the considerations for investing in Saint Lucia over other islands.


Caribbean Country of the Future (FDI MAGAZINE JULY 2015)

Saint Lucia in July 2015 was regarded by FDI Magazine as one of the successful investment locations within the Caribbean and Central America.  The island was ranked as one of the winners of fDi Magazine's the Caribbean and Central American Countries of the Future for 2015/16 for FDI Strategy and Cost-Effectiveness of Doing Business.


Citizenship by Investment

Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, established in January 2016 is a new framework under which Saint Lucian citizenship can be obtained following a quantum of investment in one of four (4) of programs.  A number of real estate ventures have thus far been announced under this program.

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