About the Embassy

The Embassy of Saint Lucia to the United States assists in the promotion of strong bilateral relations between Saint Lucia and the United States, and plays an active role in:

  • Managing relations with the US government at the federal level through the White House, the Department of State and other federal agencies, and with the U.S. Congress;

  • Monitoring U.S. policies on various regions especially the Caribbean and Latin America;

  • Managing linkages with state and local-level governments;

  • Representing the Saint Lucia Government and its agencies responsible for policy vis-à-vis Washington-based international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) among others; 

  • Representing Saint Lucia in international conferences, symposia and fora; 

  • Managing ties with US-based constituencies that are of use in advancing the national interest such as: 

    • the business community

    • the media, both national and international

    • the academic community 

    • the “think tanks” or policy institutions 

    • the non-governmental organizations 

    • the Saint Lucian-American community 

About the Ambassador
H. E. Anton E. Edmunds

Prior to taking up his appointment, Ambassador Edmunds provided advisory services to governments, businesses, and associations with interests in the Caribbean Basin region...(Read more)

Members of Staff

Minister Counselor
Mrs. Juliet Mallet-Phillip

Ext: 1001

Administrative Attache

Ms. Angela Cherry

Ext: 1000

First Secretary

Ms. Shirnaya Stephen

Ext: 1005

Attache/Vice Consul

Mrs. Danielle Charlery-Marcellin

Ext: 1003

Attache/Vice Consul 

Ms.Nisha Paul

Ext: 1002

Administrative Aide

Mr. Raymund Lobaton

Ext: 1004