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Consular Services

Effective 5 September 2022, all COVID-related pre-travel requirements for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers have been removed.
Effective 1 February 2023, No more Health Screening Forms required for travel to Saint Lucia.

All travellers arriving by air are strongly encouraged to complete the Electronic Immigration Form 72 hours prior to arrival to avoid delays on arrival.
For more information visit or email 

While the Embassy in Washington DC is the chief diplomatic office of Saint Lucia in the United States, there are Consulate Generals, Consuls and Honorary Consuls in New York, Miami and Canada that have consular jurisdictions over various states and support the promotion of investment in Saint Lucia.


Saint Lucia Consulate Offices provide the following services


  • Assistance to Saint Lucians in need of travel documents

  • Passports

  • Issuance of Visas to persons requiring visas for travel to Saint Lucia

  • Advise prospective investors about trade and investment opportunities in Saint Lucia and provide information on Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Passport.jpg
Other Frequently Requested Forms
Contact the Embassy for further inquiries
(202) 364-6792

Click on the above image for the visa application form.


Cost of Visa:


(Payment by Money Order only to "Embassy of Saint Lucia")

Processing Time:

15-20 business days

Click on the above image for the passport application form.


Download the revised application instructions here.

Click on the above image for the emergency travel application.


Cost of Documents:

(All fees are payable in the form of a Cashier’s Cheque or Money Order, to the “Embassy of Saint Lucia”.

*No personal cheques or cash.


Processing time:
7 business days.

Where to Apply for Visa Extension Publis
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