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About Saint Lucia

National Flag of Saint Lucia

The National flag of Saint Lucia consists of three superimposed triangles of gold, black, and white over blue background. The triangles mimic the shape of the Pitons (a National Landmark), and the colours speak to the following:


Cerulean blue: Tropical sky and blue emerald sea waters. it also symbolizes fidelity.

Gold: Sunshine and prosperity.

Black and White: Influence of black and white cultures, and racial harmony. The larger black section over the white indicates the dominance of black influence.

Coat of Arms

This Coat of Arms is the official seal of the government of Saint Lucia and represents the country’s past, present, and future.


Brief description

•Tudor Rose: Represents England which was our mother country,

•Fleur d’lisle: Period of French control,

•Cross on the shield made from bamboo- the National plant,

•African stool: A reminder that the first black people came from Africa,

•Torch: The beacon of light for our path,

•The Saint Lucian Parrot: Amazona Versicolor- the National bird, 

•National Motto (printed at the bottom of the shield): The Land, The People, The Light.

–The Land: A rich natural resource.

–The People: Different races of the country.

–The Light: The sunlight and wisdom of the people.

Country Fact Sheet

Capital: Castries

Currency: East Caribbean dollar

Population: 164,464 (July 2016 est.) 

Government: Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system

Independence: 22 February 1979 (from the UK)

Official Language: English

Climate: Tropical 

Motto: The Land, The People, The Light

National Anthem: "Sons and Daughters of St. Lucia" *

*National anthem first adopted in 1967 upon achieving self-government, and confirmed as the official anthem upon independence in 1979

of Saint Lucia

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